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By The Seashore

My favorite place on earth to be,
Is by the shore of the deep blue sea.
I watch the waves go to and fro,
And watch the tide ebb and flow.
What mighty wonders God did make,
When the beautiful world He did create.
The sands I'm sure hold mighty mysteries,
Of all the worlds history.
Like the children of Israel long ago,
Who were on their way to the promise land you know.
God did a miracle so true,
When He parted the waters to let them through.
They quarreled, grumbled and complained,
But God got them there just the same.
Some made it, others fell by the way,
Because they didn't God obey.


God Awakens The Earth

I took a walk outside today,
The little birds were singing merrily.
I know that Spring soon will come;
I looked and saw the flowers,
Breaking through the earth,
And then I knew our mighty God,
Was doing His daily work.
He gives the sunshine, rain and dew,
His gifts bring wonders, the world to renew.

~J. Hooper~

My Dove

I found a little baby dove on my patio,
The mother was in the tree above cooing very loudly.
I got some water and some food,
And sprinkled it all around.
I fed that little dove and talked to it everyday.
One day my little dove, no longer could I find,
It must have learned to fly and went upon its way.
The next Spring, a little dove came to my patio,
I talked to it like I did the one a year ago.
It cocked its little head from side to side,
Just like it understood.
I like to think my little dove came back,
To see me again.

~J. Hooper~

We Can See And Hear God

I love to hear the wind, rustling through the tree's.
I love to watch the ocean waves and hear them dancing on the breeze.
I like to watch the clouds, moving oh, so gently.
We can see God in everything, if we look and listen with all our might.
We can even see him, in the sky at night.


Thank You Jesus

I want to thank you Jesus,
For dying on the cross,
Oh, you must have loved me Jesus,
You paid an awful cost.
There is no way, I can repay you,
So I'll just do my best,
To tell others all about you,
And live my life the very best.

~J. Hooper~

The Wings of Eagles

You said in your word lord,
That we must wait upon you.
That you would renew our strength,
And make us feel brand new.
You said that we could run and never weary be,
That we could soar like eagles,
And feel oh so free.
As long as we wait on you Lord,
I know your will shall be done;
So teach me to be patient Lord,
Until my race is run.

~J. Hooper~

My Lovely Daughters

Three lovely daughters the Lord blessed me with,
Oh how I love them I just can't express.
They are so beautiful to me,
A most precious gift from God.
He knew I would love them with all of my might,
And try to teach them to do what is right,
And that if they need Mom, she would always be there.
They are all very beautiful, very diffrent too,
And oh how I love them, they will never know.
But I'm sure it's how Jesus loves us you see,
And I thank Him so very much for lending them to me.

~J. Hooper~

Grandchildren A Gift From God

I have eight wonderful grandchildren,
That God sent from above.
They are each diffrent, each and everyone.
Sometimes they come to spend the night,
And how I love to hold them tight.
With one I play music, with another I play dolls,
With yet another I play computer games.
With the others sometimes we just sit and visit.
They are all diffrent and very unique,
They all give me, the greatest sense of peace.

~J. Hooper~

My Guardian Angel

I have a guardian angel, Jesus gave to me,
And I know my angel, is always here with me.
I can not see my angel, but I know it's here,
Jesus said it in His word,
And I know it's true;
Because my angel has always helped me through.
Many of life's troubles would have ruined me,
If it were not for my angel, Jesus, gave to me.

~J. Hooper~

The Sky At Night

I love to walk outside at night,
And look up at the stars so bright.
It reminds me just how great my God is.
I stand and look up at the heavens,
And sing "How Great Thou Art,
And friend "He" surely is,
For who else but God could have created,
Such a beautiful,lovely sight,
That we can enjoy looking at, at night!

~J. Hooper~

My Best Friend Karen

I had a best friend Karen, who was the sister I never had,
She got cancer of the breast and soon she was dead.
I still miss her and I love her, it's still hard to believe,
That she's gone on to heaven and left me all alone to greive.

I have a box of cards and letters and some pictures too,
Someday when I feel the time is right,
I will sit down and try with all my might,
To let her go and get on with my life.

I would like to hang onto her a little longer,
I don't feel ready yet to let her go,
Because I know when I do, I will have to face,
The fact, that she is gone from me forever.

I like to remember all the fun we had,
We used to talk, laugh, giggle,
And share the secrets that we had.

Oh, how I miss her, I hated for her to go,
But God needed her in heaven,
And not here on earth below.

Someday when this life I leave,
To heaven I will soar.
I'm sure Karen will be waiting for me,
Upon heaven's golden shore.

~J. Hooper~

God's Miracle In January

I went the other day my little brother to see
I had not seen him for ever so long it seemed.
We hugged and hugged, then hugged once more.
Then he said,"Come on Sissy," let us take a walk down by the river,"
I want to show you what I've done to make it all look better.
So off we went down to the dock, we had to jump from rock to rock.
He showed me all about and told me all his plans and dreams.
Then back up the river bank we strolled talking all the way.
All at once he stopped and said,"Look Sis," a flower just for you."
And sure enough a little yellow dandelion he picked.
He said with awe, I've never seen one of these still blooming in January.
Our God takes care of everything in the winter too,
Even a little tiny yellow wildflower, called a dandelion!
What a beautiful memory we made, in the month of January.

~J. Hooper~

My Mother

I love my mother very much,
I love her warm and gentle touch.
I remember her playing house with me,
When I was very young you see.
I had no sisters only four brothers,
So Mom is not just my Mother.
She was the sister, playmate and friend,
The dearest Mom anyone could ever have.

~J. Hooper~

My Daddy

I loved my daddy he was a great preacher man,
One of the sweetest, dearest people in the land.
He used to sit in his old black chair,
With his bible open reading God's word.
Sometimes he would be playing his guitar softly.
We always sang a song or two,
Which usually turned into quite a few.
He went to heaven a long time ago,
I still miss him more than anyone will ever know.
I didn't want to let him go , but God needed him so.
I was daddy's little girl,
And daddy was my very good friend.
I know for sure someday when life is over,
I will find my daddy waiting for me,
With angels on his shoulders.
He's been with Jesus for a good many years,
And I have shed so many tears.
It won't be long I'm very sure until I will be there with him.
I'm sure the trumpet soon will sound and up to heaven I will go.
Daddy preached this message, hurry people, get ready to go.
When he was very ill, right before he left,
He said "Don't shed no tears for me,"
"Cause I'm going to a better place you bet!"
I know my Jesus has healed him, he's healthy now and free,
Walking on streets of gold and sitting by Jesus knee.

~J. Hooper~

My Husband

I love my husband God gave to me,
He is so precious I wish he could see.
If he could look into my heart,
He would never from me want to be apart.
When I see my fireman going off on a call,
I ask the Lord to watch over them all.
He's a very busy person,
Helping others, he loves to do,
He makes time for me sometimes,
And when he doesn't that's alright too.
I have my Jesus, children, grandchildren,friends and books.
My precious little yorkie, and my music too.
I am never bored as you can see,
I have plenty to keep me very busy.

~J. Hooper~

My Four Brothers

I have four brothers of which two are older and two are younger.
I am in the middle with no sisters, only brothers!
My oldest brother, Johnnie likes to act rough and grouchy,
But he is very tender hearted cause I've seen him cry.

My next oldest is Jimmie, he's the preacher one,
He likes to go to chruch, preach and sing,
Just like our daddy done.

Then there's the youngest next to me, Charlie, is his name,
He's just a regular kind of guy, who sees the fun in everything.

Then there is my youngest, Curtiss is his name,
He likes to act very gruff, but he is loving just the same.

Then there's me in the middle, still getting teased.
One thing I am sure of, they all love me.
Cause they hug and tell me, which makes it really real.


Abby My Little Yorkie

I have a little yorkie, who sometimes acts a little dorky.
She leaps, jumps, plays and barks,
And runs from me and thinks it is a lark.
She's my little shadow, follows me everywhere,
She has black and gold silky hair.
A little tail that wags so fast,
A little tongue that licks and laps.
When it is time to go to bed,
Sometimes she lays on the pillow by my head.
She is the apple of my eye and I'm so glad I have her.

(Christmas gift from hubby.)

~J. Hooper~

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